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Artist's Statement

Printmaking gives me a buzz because it gives me the opportunity to combine my creative streak with a love of practical experimentation fostered during my career as a scientist and teacher. I love that moment when you take the first pull off a new plate!

My inspiration comes from a lifelong love of the natural world and my experiences working as an ecologist in particular. Many of my prints feature species I helped conserve or have observed in the wild, or habitats I have worked in. I am interested in creating prints rooted in landscapes that are meaningful to me and I'm also very excited by patterns and textures in nature. I like painterly prints and sometimes my work can lean towards the abstract. Reduction linocutting is one of my favourite methods as I like the element of danger! I love the experimental nature of monoprinting and the freedom it gives me and also the amazing textures you can print from humble materials when printing with collagraphs.

My print heroes are Norman Ackroyd for his atmospheric effects, Brenda Harthill for her amazing textured collagraphs, Angie Lewin for her skill in cutting lino and layering colour and John Piper for just about everything.

I think my first love will always be linocut which I love to combine with monoprint to create unique hybrid prints. Igniting student’s passion for print is a great joy and I really enjoy teaching evening classes at Swavesey Village College and at my workshops in my studio.

For a more in depth interview with Cambridge Creative Network have a look at my profile.

Nina Sage BSc, PGCE.
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